VDO.Ninja MIDI test app


You can check the console debug logs for added of input/output events and device details.

You can download a virtual MIDI I/O controller for Windows here:

This code uses the WebMIDI.js library, referenced here:

Below you can test the MIDI hotkey commands for VDO.Ninja below:

The idea of this app is to select a MIDI output loopback device. Pressing any of the below buttons will trigger the respective MIDI note/command, sending it to the output MIDI device. Since the MIDI output device should be a loopback device, you can select the MIDI loopback device in VDO.Ninja as its MIDI input source.

Refer to the documentation for what a MIDI note/value does in VDO.Ninja, but it can be used to control the director's room, either locally or remotely.

Select the MIDI Output device:



&midi=4 ; director

&midi=4 ; guest 1

&midi=4 ; guest 2

Sample Remote Director Control links