VDO.Ninja's video streaming quality test

Bitrate (kbps)


Buffer delay (ms)


Packet Loss (%)



How to use

  1. Select your camera.
  2. Hit start
  3. Wait for the video to load side-by-side. *If it does not auto-load within 20s, refresh and try again.*
  4. Stats will be printed to screen, along with graphs visualizing the most important metrics. You can also hold CTRL (cmd) + Click on the video to access even more stats.
  5. Bitrate, Buffer delay, and packet loss are important connection quality metrics. Monitor them for at least a minute.
  6. Change the video bitrate by pressing the buttons below the video. It should approach 6000-kbps if the network allows.
  7. Good packet loss will not exceed 0.1% and bad packet loss will exceed 1%. You can try testing against different global regions with the drop-down menu below.
  8. Check out this Youtube video for more details and solutions to reduce packet loss if suffering from any.
Test screen-sharing performance here

Testing location: