VDO.Ninja's video streaming quality test

Bitrate (kbps)


Buffer delay (ms)


Packet Loss (%)



How to use

  1. Select your camera.
  2. Hit start
  3. Wait for the video to load side-by-side. *If it does not auto-load within 20s, refresh and try again.*
  4. Stats will be printed to screen, along with graphs visualizing the most important metrics. You can also hold CTRL (cmd) + Click on the video to access even more stats.
  5. Bitrate, Buffer delay, and packet loss are important connection quality metrics. Monitor them for at least a minute.
  6. Change the video bitrate by pressing the buttons below the video. It should approach 6000-kbps if the network allows.
  7. Good packet loss will not exceed 0.1% and bad packet loss will exceed 1%. You can try testing against different global regions with the drop-down menu below.
  8. Check out this Youtube video for more details and solutions to reduce packet loss if suffering from any.

Unsupervised guest check option

You can also use this tool to have a guest perform a system and connection test, with those results being available to you via a result's page for up to a week.
You can either ask the remote guest to send you the link to their results page when they complete the test, or you can use check.html?id=xxx to pre-assign the test ID (ie: xxx), which will have the results then be available at results.html?id=xxx.
If you have questions, join the Discord here.

More testing options below

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